PictureCaught in passing on a mountain path
I interrupt the narrative of this blog to bring a flower.  There are many flowers here, which I always find incredible since it hasn’t rained now for at least two months. Though still plentiful, the leaves on the trees are all slowly turning brown and dropping.  Rivers are drying up; places I had to jump over on trails going in one direction I can now walk right through coming back.  The crunch of gravel on the path is now sometimes intermixed or even replaced by the crunch of dry grasses and brush.  But the small wildflowers just keep coming somehow.

I have learned to appreciate and try to commit to memory or pictures the flowers, birds and animals I see whenever I can, because a week later some of them are gone, only to be replaced by a new set of wildlife that only appears that many weeks into the dry season.

This particular flower I have mainly observed in the mountains in the last month, though it can also sometimes be found at lower altitudes.  Strangely, it always seems to appear alone in unexpected places.  To get this picture, I had to leave my camera out for three hours of a hike, because one never knows when one will see it.

Perhaps the birds carry it in their flight.  Maybe the wind carries it where it will.  Somehow, though, in sun or shade, it roots itself, pushes itself upward and flourishes.  It seems to send its message of hope and perseverance in unexpected, unfamiliar circumstances every time, and it always makes me think of a special place and a very special person who has a particular fondness for daisies.

Happy Anniversary, dear.    


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